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  Dear Colleagues:

  As the tutor for Miss Furnival Han in writing her undergraduate thesis, I greatly appreciate her for her。 solid grounding professional knowledge. I found it my duty to recommend her for further studi。es abroad when she asked me to do her the favor.

  I began to know Miss Han when I received a commendatory letter from a private。ly-run school. Our department has all alo。ng organized student service programs in a community. Her class was engaged in a mutual aid program at a private school, and。 Miss Han played a vital。 role。 in the progra。m. First of all it。 was he。r sincere attit。ude that won her class the honor of serving in the program out of many cla。ss collectives. As the program organizer, Miss Han did much investigation work prior to the inauguration of the program. For example, sheac。quired info。rmation from the college leadership in advance and distributed the workload according to practical conditions (dividing the class into different groups according to age and according to study capacities)。 The program was carri。ed out in proper order and yielded good effects, winnin。g unanim。ous good comments。 from。 bo。th the college leadership and the community.

  Besides, Miss Ha。n‘s leadership capacity is also worth men。tioning. She be。gan to。 assume the post of a study c。ommittee membe。r when she was a third-year studen。t. Her gifted aff。inity and personal charms soon won her the cre。dit from her classmates. In less than in semester,。 her class leapt from the last to the。 top of all classes in the sam。e grade in terms of academic records and style of study. T。hanks to it。s outstanding performance, the class was apprais。ed as the top bes。t i。n study style in th。e whol。e coll。ege. Sure enough, extracurricularmanagement and organizi。n。g took up much of her time, but she made prope。r arrangements so that she was。 among the be。st in her aca。demic performance in her class and she wa。s excellent in GPA specialty above all.

  When writing her Bachelor Degree thesis。 she told。 me she was greatly interested in the studies on Thomas Hardy (1840 -。 1926)。 I was really shocked when she asked。 me th。e startling q。uest。ion whether on earth Hardy was a fatalist or not.。 This was because few students would ever think of ra。ising such an in-d。epth question at that time. So I encouraged her to probe deeper into the question. In between she thumbed through many works by and about th。e English novelist and poet. This。 embraced some highly sophisticated contents th。at taxedgreat。 comprehension efforts. But i。n defiance of all difficulties she finished reading a dozen of very difficult。 b。ooks, jotting down detailed notes in the meanwhile. Encounte。ring hard nuts to crack, she would ask for instructions modestly an。d I was only too glad to probe deep with her because i。t was alway。s so pleasant to communicate with her. Her optimism makes her very agreeable and affectio。nate t。o others. The strict logic and acumen of thought made the pro。cess of thesis pr。eparations in good order. Although she graduated several y。ears ago,she shows great respect for her teache。rs and comes to。 visit me from time to time. I also l。ike this student very。 much.

  Due to limitations of research conditions in China today, I am very eager that an excellent student like her may have the chance to study abroad and make contribution to future re。searches。 in China.














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